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Weekly Go problems: Week 130


And we’re back! Here are the weekly Go problems for week 130. Easy Go problem: There’s an eye bulging vital point in White’s shape. Intermediate Go problem: Try to anticipate how the capturing race will unfold before playing. Hard Go problem: Solving a ridiculous looking problem often requires a ridiculous looking move…

How to look after your Go board


Two of the most common questions we receive at Go Game Guru are “how do I get better at Go?” and “how should I look after my Go board?” We’ll cover the most important aspects of looking after a Go board in this article…

Go Commentary: Mi Yuting vs Chen Yaoye – 29th Tianyuan


This is game 2 of the 29th Tianyuan (Chinese Tengen) title match. The game was played between Mi Yuting and Chen Yaoye on April 26, 2015, in Wujiang, China. Chen Yaoye won the first game on April 24…

An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: Xinsational – Xin + 3 stones vs Younggil


Younggil will share his ideas and plans with you while playing. However Xin will be playing on the other side of the room so he can’t hear Younggil’s plans…

Huang Yunsong wins 2nd GLOBIS Cup


Huang Yunsong won the 2nd GLOBIS Cup World Go U-20, defeating Na Hyun, on May 10, 2015. This international tournament, for players who are 20 or younger, took place from May 8-10, 2015, at the Graduate School of Management, GLOBIS University, Tokyo, Japan…

Choi Cheolhan wins 16th Maxim Cup


Choi Cheolhan 9p won the 16th Maxim Cup on May 5, 2015, defeating Hong Seongji 9p with a 2-1 score. Hong Seongji won game 1, but Choi Cheolhan won the next two games to take the best of three match…

An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: 53rd Judan Final decider – Ida Atsushi vs Takao Shinji


The game was and interesting contest between Black’s challenging and aggressive style of play and White’s defensive and sophisticated style. There weren’t any big fighting in the game, but neither player lost balance, and you’ll enjoy this exciting game right up until the very end…

An Younggil’s Pro Go Videos: 20th GS Caltex Cup Final Game 4 – Choi Cheolhan vs Mok Jinseok


Younggil is going to show you a game played between Choi Cheolhan and Mok Jinseok from the 20th GS Caltex Cup Final – Game 4…

Go Commentary: Song Ronghui vs Choi Jung – 5th Huang Longshi Cup


This is a commentary of game 11 of the 5th Huang Longshi Cup. The game was played between Song Ronghui and Choi Jung on April 8, 2015. Song’s style of play is thick and solid whereas Choi’s game is flexible and powerful…

Ida Atsushi becomes youngest Judan in history – 53rd Judan


Ida Atsushi has won his first major title and become the youngest Judan in history, defeating Takao Shinji in the 53rd Judan with a 3-2 score. The fifth game of the best of five title match was played on April 22, 2015, at the Nihon Kiin, Tokyo, Japan…