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Hinoki Press is now part of Go Game Guru

The Hinoki Press logo. Hinoki  (檜) is the Japanese name for the Japanese Cyprus tree.

Go Game Guru recently bought Hinoki Press from Chris Greene, the founder of Hinoki. Hinoki Press is a Go book publishing company which started in 2006. Since then, Hinoki has published a total of 18 Go books…

Kim Jiseok to face defending champion Tang Weixing in the 2014 Samsung Cup final


The 2014 Samsung Cup semifinals were played from November 5-7, 2014 in Daejeon, Korea. The pairing saw China’s top ranked Shi Yue pitted against Korea’s number 2, Kim Jiseok, and China’s number 9, Tang Weixing, take on Korea’s leading player, Park Junghwan…

Weekly Go problems: Week 126


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: The eye stealing tesuji is useful in life and death problems too. Intermediate Go problem: If you focus too much on capturing stones, you’ll often overlook good moves. Hard Go problem: Reduce White’s eyespace, then look for a vital point.

Go Commentary: Kang Dongyun vs Ida Atsushi – 16th Nongshim Cup


The 16th Nongshim Cup got started in Beijing, China, from October 21 to 24, 2014. The Nongshim Cup is a team event between China, Japan and Korea. We’re going to have a look at the fourth game, between Kang Dongyun and Ida Atsushi.

Out of print Go books on sale now (only while stocks last)


We recently received a shipment of Go books from Oromedia. Unfortunately, Oromedia went out of business last year and won’t be publishing or printing any more Go books. The books that we’ve received from them are the last ones and they’re now out of print. These books are discounted by 50% or more…

China and Korea go head to head in 2014 Samsung Cup quarter finals


The 2014 Samsung Cup resumed this week, with the round of 16 and the quarter finals taking place in Daejeon, Korea. The Round of 16 was held on October 14, 2014. There were eight players from China, seven from Korea and one from Japan…

Go Commentary: Gu Li vs Lee Sedol – Jubango – Game 8


This is the eighth and final game of the MLily Gu vs Lee Jubango. This game was played on September 28, 2014, in Chongqing, China – which is Gu Li’s hometown. The score going into this game was 5-2 in Lee Sedol’s favor which meant that this game was a kadoban for Gu…

Lee Sedol wins historic jubango against Gu Li!


The most anticipated Go event for decades concluded on September 28, 2014, when Lee Sedol defeated Gu Li in their historic 10 game match. Game 8 took place in Gu Li’s hometown and finished after 350 thrilling moves, with Lee Sedol winning by 2.5 points…

Park Junghwan ends Chen Yaoye’s China Korea Tengen run

Park Junghwan - winner of the 18th Chunwon

The 18th China Korea Tengen was held on Jeju Island, Korea, from September 23 to 26, 2014. The China Korea Tengen is a best of three match between the winners of Korea’s Chunwon and China’s Tianyuan tournament…

Weekly Go problems: Week 125


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: This is a tesuji you need to know. It’s all in the first move. Intermediate Go problem: Mastering this technique will see you through many difficult situations. Hard Go problem: Slow and steady doesn’t always win the race…