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So Go Game Guru is in Canada now, eh?

Go Game Guru is now in Canada too!

Today I can finally announce that Go Game Guru has come to Canada! Our new warehouse near Toronto will provide cheaper and faster local shipping options to Canadians. This builds upon our existing services in the US, UK, Australia and Asia…

Kim Jiseok takes his first international title – 2014 Samsung Cup


The final of the 2014 Samsung Cup was held on December 9 and 10, in Xi’an, China. China’s Tang Weixing was hoping to defend his title, while Korea’s Kim Jiseok was aiming for his first international title…

Weekly Go problems: Week 129


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: It’s easy to think that this shape is already alive, but look more closely. Intermediate Go problem: You need to seek out the best possible moves instead of just accepting life. Hard Go problem: This sort of shape can be confusing in real games…

All 3 countries still in play for the final round of the 16th Nongshim Cup


The 2nd round of the 16th Nongshim Cup was played from November 28 to December 3, 2014, in Busan, Korea. After the last round, Korea’s Kang Dongyun was looking confident. He’d defeated both Tuo Jiaxi and Ida Atsushi in round 1. Kang’s next opponent was China’s Wang Xi…

RIP Go Seigen


Go Seigen passed away in hospital, in Japan, on Sunday November 30, 2014. He was 100 years old. Many people regard Go Seigen to be the greatest Go player ever. Rest in peace, Go Seigen.

Weekly Go problems: Week 128


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: This week’s problems are all about shortage of liberties. Intermediate Go problem: Capturing White requires a delicate move order. Hard Go problem: Sometimes I feel guilty because I don’t care whether my stones live or die…

Go Commentary: Park Junghwan vs Tang Weixing – 2014 Samsung Cup


This is the last game of the 2014 Samsung Cup semifinals. This game was played between Park Junghwan 9p and Tang Weixing 9p, on November 7, 2014. Tang Weixing won the first game of this match, but Park tied the score in the second game, so this game would decide the finalist of 2014 Samsung Cup…

Weekly Go problems: Week 127


Here are the weekly Go problems. Easy Go problem: The best moves are usually those that combine attack and defense. Intermediate Go problem: This shape is the result of a joseki. A lot of players don’t realize that Black can still live in the corner. Hard Go problem: If you allow White to maximize her eyespace, she’ll live easily.

Korean comeback at the 19th LG Cup


The quarter and semifinals of the 19th LG Cup were played on November 17 and 19, 2014, in Gangwon, Korea. When we last reported on the LG Cup, Korea and China were evenly pegged – with four players each in the quarter finals…

Hinoki Press is now part of Go Game Guru

The Hinoki Press logo. Hinoki  (檜) is the Japanese name for the Japanese Cyprus tree.

Go Game Guru recently bought Hinoki Press from Chris Greene, the founder of Hinoki. Hinoki Press is a Go book publishing company which started in 2006. Since then, Hinoki has published a total of 18 Go books…