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Go Commentary: Kono Rin vs Lee Sedol – 26th Asian TV Cup


This game is from the 26th Asian TV Cup final, between Kono Rin 9p and Lee Sedol 9p. It was played on August 19, 2014, in Beijing, China…

Park Junghwan wins 19th LG Cup – Breaking international title drought


Park Junghwan defeated Kim Jiseok to win the 19th LG Cup. The final of the 19th LG Cup was held on February 9, 10 and 12, 2015, in Gangneung, Gangwon-do , Korea…

Go Commentary: Iyama Yuta vs Park Junghwan – 16th Nongshim Cup


This is game 10 of 16th Nongshim Cup. This game was played between Iyama Yuta 9p and Park Junghwan 9p on December 3, 2014 in Busan, Korea…

Go Commentary: Fujisawa Rina vs Mukai Chiaki – 33rd Women’s Honinbo

Fujisawa Rina , New Women's Honinbo

This is game 3 from the 33rd Japanese Women’s Honinbo final. The game was played between Mukai Chiaki 5p and Fujisawa Rina 2p on November 7, 2014, in Tokyo, Japan…

Go Commentary: Kim Jiseok vs Tang Weixing – 2014 Samsung Cup


This is game 2 from the 2014 Samsung Cup final. The game was played between Kim Jiseok and Tang Weixing on December 10, 2014, in Xian, China…

Changes to Go Game Guru in 2015

Kuro the ninja is also hard at work.

Over the last four years Go Game Guru has evolved a lot. From today, Younggil will be publishing his own articles without any help from me – the first of which will be published shortly. Jing will also start publishing her news articles without me proofreading them…

Join the American Go Association and get two months of Baduk TV English for free


Want to try Baduk TV English for free? From now until the end of January (2015), you can get two months of free access to Baduk TV English (valued at $40) when you join the American Go Association…

Ke Jie wins his first world title at the 2nd Bailing Cup


Ke Jie defeated Qiu Jun to win the 2nd Bailing Cup final, and become a new world champion, on January 14, 2014. The first two games of the final were held on November 27 and 29 in Hefei, Anhui, China. Ke Jie won game 1, but Qiu won game 2 by half a point to tie the score at 1-1…

Murakawa Daisuke takes Oza title in surpise victory over Iyama Yuta

The Oza is Murakawa Daisuke 8 dan's first major title.

The final game of the 62nd Oza title match was played on December 16, 2014, in Japan. Murakawa Daisuke defeated Iyama Yuta with a 3-2 score, to become the new Oza title holder. The Oza is Murakawa’s first major title…

So Go Game Guru is in Canada now, eh?

Go Game Guru is now in Canada too!

Today I can finally announce that Go Game Guru has come to Canada! Our new warehouse near Toronto will provide cheaper and faster local shipping options to Canadians. This builds upon our existing services in the US, UK, Australia and Asia…